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Will Grayson, Will Grayson - John Green & David Levithan

Goodreads summary:

Will Grayson meets Will Grayson. One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, two strangers are about to cross paths. From that moment on, their world will collide and lives intertwine.

It's not that far from Evanston to Naperville, but Chicago suburbanites Will Grayson and Will Grayson might as well live on different planets. When fate delivers them both to the same surprising crossroads, the Will Graysons find their lives overlapping and hurtling in new and unexpected directions. With a push from friends new and old - including the massive, and massively fabulous, Tiny Cooper, offensive lineman and musical theater auteur extraordinaire - Will and Will begin building toward respective romantic turns-of-heart and the epic production of history's most awesome high school musical.

My review:


One of my favorite John Green/David Levithan books. It's amazing.

For some reason, I waited a long time before I started reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson. However, once I started, I couldn't stop. It's so good! Honestly, if you haven't read it yet, please pick it up.

Having read novels from both authors, I was expecting a sweet love story between interesting people. I only knew a bit about the story, which I mainly learned from the title, but I was happy with only knowing that. In the end, it is simply a novel about two guys with the same name, but there's so much happening that it's an absolutely lovely story. 

Obviously, the writing styles are beautiful. I knew it'd be that way, since I've read many novels from both authors. I liked how different Will and Will are and how it's shown in the writing styles. I was a bit confused by the lack of capitalization in one of their parts, but only because I didn't always realize when a word was actually a name. Despite having the same name, I wasn't confused by the main characters, because they're both incredibly different and amazing.

My favorite part about this novel is probably the characters, because they all have something interesting about them. I absolutely loved Tiny Cooper, because he's loving, lovable and so incredibly funny and happy. He's probably my favorite character. Both Wills are interesting in their own ways, one because he keeps trying to protect and degrade. himself and the other because he craves love so much. I really enjoyed seeing them interact together, because they get along really well, even though having the same name is one of the only things they have in common. My only complaint is that while I liked Jane, I thought she was a bit too perfect. She's smart, beautiful and her only fault seemed to be having a boyfriend, which isn't exactly one. It didn't have much of an impact on me, but I still wished I could've seen a bit more of a realistic personality. 

I liked how friendship became important in the story. I think the book starts with one of the Wills (reading about them wasn't confusing, but writing about them is) talking about how he didn't choose his friend Tiny, which I thought was quite rude, but I was happy to see him realize how important this friendship is to him. Also, the other Will finally made some friends, which was a relief to me, because I don't wish to see anyone go through life without friends. 

Although there is romance in this novel, it didn't feel like the most important thing at all. Dealing with relationships would probably be a more accurate topic, because there's a lot about that. I think it was done realistically and it adds a nice touch to the story, without being overwhelming. 

Reading about all the characters made me really happy and I loved the ending. I almost wish this book had been longer, because there's so much more I would like to know about the characters. 

I very highly recommend this novel.


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