lundi 29 juin 2015

Geek Girl - Holly Smale


Yes, this book is probably aimed for 13 year-olds. No, I am not a 13 year-old, but I did like this book. A lot. A huge lot.

Its characters are amazing. First of all, Harriet is funny, honest and, well, geeky. It made me love her very quickly, even though I didn't approve all of her decisions. Her dad is absolutely hilarious and he made me laugh so hard that my own parents probably think I'm crazy by now. Her stepmother is strong, serious and loving, which is why she's perfect for Harriet's dad. Seriously, they're adorable. Then there's Nick. Oh, Nick. You may be a tad bit younger than I am, I still think you're very, very, very hot. The descriptions worked really well for me, and my imagination took care of EVERYTHING else. Literally. And when he turned out to be amazingly cute at the end, I wanted to dance, cry and sing, all at once. Toby, the creepy stalker/geek, was a better character than I expected him to be, even though I think he enbodices every prejudice against Geeks. My favorite character was probably Wilbur, from the agency, because you juste CAN'T dislike him. He's adorable, hilarious and I just loved the way he talks in general. I want one for myself! I feel like I didn't get to understand Nat's character that much throughout the story, which is sad, because a big part of it is based around her.

I think the storyline is interesting, even though it's a bit cliché. Harriet's evolution is great and I think she's mature for her age, except when she's hiding under tables, obviously. However, I know I would too, if I could find there what she found...

I highly recommend this book, no matter how childish you might think it looks. I know I did, but it proved me wrong and I'm more than pleased! I can't wait to read the second book now...

Slated - Teri Terry


With "Slated", Teri Terry tells us the amazing story of a young girl who's trying to start living again without her memories, but who ends up getting some of them back, against everything she's been told.

The world in this story is intriguing, complex and very different from ours, right now. Young criminals have their minds erased when they're arrested instead of being killed, which should be a good thing, but might not really be. As Kyla starts getting her memories back, she starts to wonder what horrible things she could have done to deserve being "Slated", which brings her to question the authority. Through her short and confused memories, we start understanding parts of her, but only tiny ones that don't explain much. Her distress felt real, honest and relatable, which I liked, as a teenager.

Kyla meets, while getting some of her memories back, Ben, who she can't help but like. As they get closer, the dangers surrouding them grows, which brings tension and anxiety. I loved Kyla and Ben's relationship and I would love to see more of them together.

This story is very interesting, and although I wasn't sure how everything would be believable at first, everything I discovered while reading got rid of all my doubts. This is a great first novel of a promising series which I will obviously continue!

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout


I LOVED this book! I had heard so many great things about this series that I was dying to start reading it as soon as possible. However, for some reason, I couldn't find it anywhere in Quebec. My library doesn't have a single book from Jennifer L. Armentrout ( even if I requested some) and everywhere I looked, it looked as if this series didn't even exist. After a very long time, I was finally able to start reading it, and even during an incredibly busy week, I read it in three days. I just loved everything about it and all I wanted to do was jump into my bed and read it in one sit.

The main character is very relatable for a book lover like me, because she's reviewing books (just like me) and she has a blog (just like me). We also have the same kind of personality and I was proud of her every time she snapped at Daemon. She really evolved through the book and I liked her even more at the end than at the beginning.

Daemon is basically the definition of sexy. Seriously. I don't need Fifty Shades of Grey, all I need is Daemon in this book. He's a jerk, yes, but there's so much more to his character and I was drooling over the descriptions of him. Can I purchase one somewhere? No? Dammit.

The storyline is really intriguing and it was hard to put the book down when I had to, because I all I wanted was to find out what would happen. I was not expecting any of this to happen, which I loved even more. Surprise me!

I would recommend this book to anyone. It has everything I could ask for, and I'll start the second book right now. Thank God I don't have to wait as long as I had to for the first one, because that would be the end of me. I'm already putting the rest of the series on my Christmas list (pleeeeeeeaaaase, Grandpa!) and I'm hoping it'll be as good as this one.

Girl Online (Girl Online #1) - Zoe Sugg


I'm a huge fan of Zoe, so I knew that I had to buy this book, for my love of books and of her. I wasn't disappointed at all. I didn't know what to expect, because Zoe is a Youtuber and a blogger, not a writer, but she wrote this book beautifully. I was close to tears at some points and the way the story was explained was simple, yet beautiful. I knew Zoe's writing style from her blog, but not in a story like this, and I think she managed to make this book a pretty good one.

As a blogger, I can relate to Penny, and to Zoe, obviously, because I write for the same reasons. Penny's clumsiness made me laugh and reminded me of my own, being an extremely shy teenage girl.

I loved this book, not only for the happy feeling it gave me, but also because I feel like I know Zoe a little better. I don't suffer from anxiety, so all I knew about it was what I heard in her videos and her blog posts. In this book, she explains how Penny feels when she's panicking, and it made me incredibly sad to realize that a lot of people feel this way.

Also, Zoe told a very important message in this book: that everything has some good in it, after all. She inspired me to fight my fears and to keep on writing, just because I love to do it. I love her even more for it, and I'm incredibly proud of her.


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