lundi 29 juin 2015

Slated - Teri Terry


With "Slated", Teri Terry tells us the amazing story of a young girl who's trying to start living again without her memories, but who ends up getting some of them back, against everything she's been told.

The world in this story is intriguing, complex and very different from ours, right now. Young criminals have their minds erased when they're arrested instead of being killed, which should be a good thing, but might not really be. As Kyla starts getting her memories back, she starts to wonder what horrible things she could have done to deserve being "Slated", which brings her to question the authority. Through her short and confused memories, we start understanding parts of her, but only tiny ones that don't explain much. Her distress felt real, honest and relatable, which I liked, as a teenager.

Kyla meets, while getting some of her memories back, Ben, who she can't help but like. As they get closer, the dangers surrouding them grows, which brings tension and anxiety. I loved Kyla and Ben's relationship and I would love to see more of them together.

This story is very interesting, and although I wasn't sure how everything would be believable at first, everything I discovered while reading got rid of all my doubts. This is a great first novel of a promising series which I will obviously continue!

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