lundi 2 novembre 2015

Dear October

Dear October,

Wow, you flew by. As a college student, midterms were horrible and made me feel a whole lot of stress, which explains why you weren't my favourite month this year.

Exams are never fun, but exams happening at the same time are even worse. I'm sure everyone can relate to this, since teachers love to schedule their exams simultaneously. Oh, how kind of them.

Because of all this stress, I desperately needed to decompress during the past month, so short and cheesy novels were my go-to (aren't they always?). Some people might have looked down on me because of that, especially when my stress got so bad that novels intended for ten year-olds were my choices, but I find that reading is the best therapy to cope with anxiety.

Obviously, when you have too many things to do at the same time, there'll be some procrastination going on, which happened quite frequently over the last month. Luckily, everything went well even with a bit less studying than I was supposed to, but I'll always wish I could be someone very strict with schoolwork and never late.

October, you made me reconnect with some old and, sometimes, very old, friends. I'm incredibly grateful for that, because you can never have too many friends, especially not when they've always been nice to you. I was glad to know more about who they've become, because the years, or months, of separation can completely change a person. I learned, however, that some people never really change, which can be a good thing when you need comforting.

You also made me go out of my comfort zone without really thinking about it, which I'm really happy about. As an introvert, I've always preferred small groups and cozy evenings, but I was able to go out and meet some people, maybe not as openly as some of my friends, but still acting like a normal person. I think everyone needs that reassurance at some point in their life, so I liked knowing that I might not be a complete alien.

For the beauty outside in this season, I was happy to be alive this month, even with all its ups and downs. I'll even go as far as saying a famous Anne of Green Gables quote, since it is, after all, my favourite book:

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