lundi 25 janvier 2016

The Boyfriend League - Rachel Hawthorne

Goodreads summary:

The Ragland Rattlers

$1 Night

$1 baseball cap with home team logo
$1 program
$1 hot dogs
$1 drinks
$1 popcorn

But how much to get the hot pitcher to notice you exist?

My review:


Sooooo cute! I still don't understand a thing about baseball, but I'm pretty sure it's because I'm a lost cause.

This is a really fun and nice book to relax yourself. I loved the characters, their chemistry, their passion for baseball and the interesting plot. While I must say I didn'f really like the idea that started the story, which was to find a boyfriend for Dani and her best friend, I liked seeing their characters develop and realize that their initial plan had some flaws. They started as kind of superficial, since all they cared about was having a boyfriend, no matter who he was, but actually getting one made them grow a lot and I enjoyed reading about them. There's also development when it comes to Dani's family, since she sees her sister as a superficial beauty pageant when the story begins, but she realizes there's a depth in her she had never suspected.

I've seen this many times, but I love reading about passionate characters. Whether it's about music, literature, arts, sports or maths, I'm often inspired by passionate people. I loved reading a baseball themed book, even though I could never share this passion, but I must admit I wish I had seen a bit more of this passion in Dani. While she talks about how she has baseball posters in her room and how she used to play with her dad, it all seems to stop when she starts thinking about having a boyfriend, because all she can think about then are beautiful abs, arms and faces. I know she's a fan of the sport, but I don't think it's well represented.

I thought Dani and Jason's relationship was adorable. It's very realistic and I could see their chemistry pretty much from the beginning. I love that they have so many things to talk about and that they care a lot about each other ever since they met. I do wish their relationship had been a bit less parent-friendly, because although it was the best thing to do, it felt a bit too perfect for me (parents-wise) and it left me kind of frustrated (which is the big deal, haha!).

I had a really nice time reading this book and I'm definitely still a fan of Rachel Hawthorne!


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