lundi 6 juillet 2015


As a book lover myself, I've often heard fellow book lovers talk about how much they dislike renting books from the library because of how many other people read them. It's always been a mystery to me why this would be a problem to anyone, but I decided to explain why I love libraries, especially my local one, to death.

First of all, whether you like them or not, you can't help but be excited when you walk into a library if you only slightly like books. There's just so many of them, everywhere, and you feel like there are endless reading possibilities. Your eye might catch a great fantasy book, but then you'll find the most interesting sci-fi novel that want to start right away. Just like bookstores, libraries hold thousands of stories within their walls and you're happy as long as you're surrounded by them.

I personally love wandering between the rows of full and constantly surprising bookshelves, letting my eyes go from one cover to another, one title to another, one author to another. It's all about inspiration, whether it's from a colourful spine, a catchy title or a well-known author. Sometimes, I find myself renting the most unexpected book, simply because something in it caught my attention. I don't even care if the novels I picked out are going to be bad, because I still have to return them in the end, and I like to believe they attracted me for a particular reason. When you're doing some online shopping on eBay, Amazon or any other website, you can never get that amazing feeling of reading the back of a book simply because you were attracted to it. While I do try to find some books I've heard great things about and I'm excited to read, I prefer letting unread books find me.

The next reason might not be a good one for everyone: money. I am a teenager who's still desperately trying to get herself a job, so money is an issue for me. With what little money I get from babysitting once in a while and presents, I have a very limited choice of books to purchase. My worst fear when I'm thinking about buying a book is that I would end up really not liking it and having spent money for nothing. For this particular reason, I only buy books I've already read and loved. I'll still end up with a small collection of amazing books, but I would never expect to have rows and rows of books myself. I also ask for iTunes gift cards as presents to purchase ebooks I've been dying to read for a long time, like new releases or sequels that my library doesn't have yet. I need to be very careful when I'm spending money, so being able to read books for free is an amazing privilege.

The main reason where there's a debate is the fact that someone probably rented a book before you did, just like someone else will after you did. Some people hate not knowing what's going to happen with the book they're reading, afraid the next reader might alter the book's state. Although I do think it's important to take care of books so they stay in a good state, I love the idea of someone else imagining the story while holding the same exact book I held while reading. I think reading is sharing, from recommending a book to your friends to lenting it to others. While the next readers might not be friends of mine, they're readers just like I am, which brings us closer already, and the fact that we shared a book unknowingly is wonderful. It's like having hundreds of friends who don't even need to speak to stay connected with you, and I love it. I hate seeing my brand-new books stand on my bookshelf unread for years because I have no one to share them with, but libraries allow me to believe in the "reading is sharing" motto I've now had for years.

In the end, those facts about libraries, along with some more, are the reason why I would never want libraries to disappear. Go visit your local one, you might find a new favourite place, just like I did!

Reading is sharing.

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  1. Libraries are awesome! And quite frankly, dangerous places for me to be in....I can never leave without (at least) a stack of books.

    1. Me too! I often end up having too many books to rent, so I have to give some of them up because I can't have more than ten at a time. I stack them next to my bed and the pile is sometimes higher than my bed!