lundi 6 juillet 2015

On The Fence - Kasie West


Everyone loves a good love story. I think I found a new one!

The first thing I loved about On The Fence is that Charlie's family (and I include Braden, because he is kind of a part of it) is absolutely incredible. I love my own family, but I would have loved to grow up with such amazing brothers as Nathan, Jerom and Gage. They cracked me up and their love for their sister is so damn adorable! I completely understood why Charlie would feel safer around them than around girls at first. Her dad touched me a lot, because as awkward as he actes, he evidently loves her and he wants what's best for her. I really liked Charlie's character in general. She is funny, sassy and, most important of all, genuine (except with one person - you'll know who if you've read the book). She also evolves a lot during the story, which was amazing to see. She isn't one of those light-headed characters who don't have any personality and are exactly the same person they were when the story started, which happens sometimes in romance stories and makes me despise them.

Obviously, the romance in this story is one of the main reasons why I loved it, but I just couldn't not like it: it's so cute! I am a sucker for love stories starring best friends, which is one of the reasons that made me pick this book up, and while there is a lot more to the story, the romance is just perfect. The relationship between Charlie and Braden is always honest, from the beginning to the end, and even as a brother, Braden would be amazing. I loved the fence scenes and how they have two lives, the fence one and the real one. Towards the end, Braden said something about it that I had thought myself and it made me love him even more, as if he was a person I know myself.

I would recommend this book to everyone and I will definitely look up Kasie West's other books, because her book has now a place in my favourite books!


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