mardi 8 décembre 2015

Dear November

Dear November,

You were quite a month. Every student has that horrible day/week/month when it gets to the end of the term and I can say I went through it quite victoriously, even though I struggled to stay awake (or alive) during many, many days. It was exhausting and my dark circles could prove it, but as I'm finishing my last essays and projects, I can't be happier to have more and more time to relax and finally sleep.

While everyone around me started decorating for Christmas, I couldn't help but feel out of it, which was incredibly weird for me, since I'm usually the first to start talking about Christmas. I guess finals put my mind somewhere else, but I really wish I could've started getting excited for the holidays sooner, because I'm not even sure if I'm in the Christmas spirit just yet, even though it's been December for a week. It's been lovely seeing all the Christmas lights, smelling all the spices and feeling cozy at night, though, so there is some good in this.

In November, I took the crazy decision to bring up my reading challenge to... 200! I didn't update it on Goodreads to feel less pressured, but it's been my goal for a few weeks now. It's absolutely insane, but with school almost done, I'm going to have much more time to read, so I'll do everything I can to read that many books.

I'm thankful for my friends' presence this month, because the distance that I felt growing between us completely disappeared. Since I went to college, I've started talking less and less to my best high school friends, which made me sadder than anyone could imagine. I'm always a bit paranoid, so I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought, but being together again made me realize how strong our friendship is. We did some crazy things over the last month, which made me go out of my comfort zone and it felt awesome. I feel like I finally started acting like a teenager, even though I'm almost too old to be one, but it's so exhilarating that I'm never going to regret it. As my group of friends is growing up, I think we're getting a bit more mature, but we can still have tons of fun and be as comfortable as ever together, so what else could I ask for? I'm feeling really lucky.

This month went by so quickly that it's hard to even realize it's over, but it's not a bad thing, now that it's over. I only hope that 2015 will end in a beautiful way and that December will bring me many wonderful things.


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