dimanche 20 décembre 2015

Distraction (Westbrook #1) - Laura Clark

Goodreads summary:

Seventeen-near-old, Laila Patterson, would never describe her heart as fickle. She understands the difference between reality and fantasy, which is why Sam Woodson is not realistic boyfriend material. After all, he is in college, and college boys simply do not date high school girls. Plus, he is Laila’s older brother’s best friend. According to the unspoken bro-code, messing around with your friend’s little sister is pretty high on the list of forbidden taboos.

What happens when Laila discovers that her secret crush on Sam isn’t quite so one-sided? What if the only way to keep him is to keep their relationship hush-hush? Is Sam worth all of the lying and sneaking around?

As if things weren’t confusing enough with Sam, an old family friend suddenly shows up after being gone for more than three years. She isn't expecting Trevor Maddox to move back to Westbrook. She isn't expecting him to attend her high school, and she certainly isn't expecting him to be so damned gorgeous.

Laila doesn't want or need this unexpected distraction. . . or does she?

My review:


Quite a quick, fun read!

I started this book knowing there would probably be a love triangle of some kind, but I never expected to fall for a particular character the way I did... It's actually the opposite of what I was expecting! No matter what this character could do or say, I loved him from the very beginning and I adored his chemistry with Laila.

However, I quickly got tired of the triangle aspect of this love story. I've never been a hue fan of those anyways, so that was a given, but I guess I hopef it would change my mind. I wanted to shout at Laila every time she was with the character I didn't want her to be with, because it was very clear in my mind who should be her boyfriend. I understood her being jealous of Avery to some extent, because I know what it's like to be best friends with a gorgeous girl, but I disliked how she acted because she simply couldn't make up her mind. I'm guessing that it's all because I would have stopped all relationships, if I had been in her place, instead of being confused and having misplaced thoughts all the time. I know it can't be everyone's reaction, but there were times when I simply couldn't stand it.

I do think this is a lovely story, even though there were parts that felt out of place. There are sentences, and even chapters, that feel a bit like they're out of a textbook, because it's like they want us to think about them, but in an obvious way. Their message is good, but they're just not subtle enough, I guess. I think the entire world, like the characters and the places, created by the author is brilliant, though.

Thank you Laura Clark for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.


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