mercredi 19 août 2015

Web Series Wednesday - Green Gables Fables

Hi everyone! I just thought of a new series of blog posts I could do once in a while called, as you probably saw in the title, Web Series Wednesday. As an avid fan of YouTube videos, I was delighted when I discovered, less than a year ago, that web series inspired of popular books actually exist. Since my blog is all about books, I thought some of you might be interested in web series, just like I am, so I wanted to share them with you through this series of blog posts. The first show is still updating at the moment and I absolutely love it, so here it is!

My initial reaction was complete shock when I found out that there is a YouTube adaptation of my favorite book ever, Anne of Green Gables. On the first video of Season 1 of Green Gables Fables, you can probably see my comment, describing my schock at discovering that there is something about Lucy Maud Montgomery's works that I didn't know of, especially a web series. I flew through the first season, crying and giggling at times, and I must admit there are many videos I watched twice, three times or even four times. I absolutely love Anne's actress, Mandy Harmon, and her chemistry (or lack of, for a big part of it) with Gilbert in the show is incredibly good and accurate. The cast is great and I follow most of them everywhere now, because I'm really glad I discovered such talented people through a web series. I would recommend having read the books before watching the web series (or even if you don't plan on watching the web series - the book series is plenty enough, it's awesome), but I think it would still be a good web series to watch without knowing what it's about.

The show portrays the first book of the popular Anne of Green Gables series, by Lucy Maud Montgomery, in the 21st century. If you're a fan of the series, you'll see all the little details the production worked on to make the story work in our era instead of one that was over a year ago. Anne (with an E!) is an orphan going from one foster family to another until she meets Matthew and Marilla, two siblings who welcome her in their family. Going to Avonlea, she meets new people, makes friends and enemies, starts a video blog and experiences many beautiful and not-so-beautiful things. With her imaginative mind and love for beauty and poetry, she makes her way in the world, never ceasing to make herself remembered to everyone soul she touches, including the viewer's.

I love how it's filmed, how it's cut, how it's created and how it's divided. Every episode has its load of content and drama, since Anne can be very dramatic, but it's only making you want to watch more and more of it. There are also other videos than the ones from Anne, such as videos from Gilbert, Ruby, Jane, etc. I loved this part, because it made me see the characters in a different way than I do when they are with Anne or simply in the novel. Anne's energy is contagious and the biggest fans and most attentive viewers will quickly realize things about herself and the people around her that she could never imagine, creating the perfect amount of anticipation for the future.

Right now, the first season is completely finished, but the second one is planned to begin on September 2nd. There are already videos about it, such as trailers, Q&As and videos from Anne, all very exciting. It's supposed to be about the third book, I believe, which is Anne of the Island. In this season, Anne is starting her first year of university, which means she'll meet plenty of new kindred spirits while staying in touch with her oldest ones.

You can also donate money to the production on Kickstarter to help them with the web series, which I encourage you to do, since they all work so hard to come to this result. You can click on this link to get to their Kickstarter page for Season 2.

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  1. Yeah! Web series Wednesdays! I can't wait to see more of these.

    1. Thank you! Web series are so addicting that I feel like everyone should watch them :)